Koru Swimwear began with an idea to provide eco-friendly swimwear for women who seek quality, function, fashion-forward trends, and a sense of environmental responsibility. 

Designers, Julie Brockmeyer Stine and April Slater, wanted to incorporate eco-friendly fabrics and responsible textile manufacturing processes to swimwear for both sport and leisure.  

Julie drew inspiration from her New Zealand roots to create the Koru Swimwear brand.   Because New Zealand is considered to be one of the most environmentally responsible countries on the planet, everything that goes into the production of this line is with an eco-minded approach - from the recycled hangtags, to the organic cotton accessory bags they come in, and, of course, to the production of the fabric.

Julie has a B.A. degree and studied advertising, marketing and public relations at the University of Central Florida.  Her love of surfing and fashion influenced her to design sport swimwear that was both functional and fashionable.

April Slater was a professional ice skater for Disney on Ice and draws her inspiration of fashionable leisure swimwear from her love of the ocean and the years of creativity in custom skate costumes.  

The koru [Maori for “folded” “coiled” “bight” “loop”] is a spiral unfurling fern frond which takes its shape from a stalk to a bulb at the end.  The koru is widely used in Maori Arts and can symbolize new and evolving life, new beginnings, spiritual growith, strength, peace and harmony.



Hakima Sundin
Born and raised in one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Morocco: Meknes. Hakima Tber Sundin has benefited from the colorful, warm and rich culture of North Africa. While growing up she develops a profound passion for creative design and architecture.  As a young adult she becomes her parent's accomplice when changing the interior design of the house, furniture or embellishing an outfit.   

Coming to United States of America and working in an entertainment park, Hakima produces prestigious, unique, and internationaly known costumes and outfits.  Her creativity and ambitions leads her to taking on different projects where she exercises and sharpens her creative talents.